• Amy Arfi

AW20 Beauty Trends Roundup

Paris fashion week ends on a high with Louis Vuitton closing the runway for the season, and that’s a wrap on all things AW20 fashion and beauty. As promised, New York gave us an effortless glow, London provided eccentricity at its finest, Milan oozed godly classics and Paris wished us bon voyage with sultry tones that stun. What’s evident is that skin and base makeup is absolutely taking the backseat this winter because the only purchases worth making to stay on trend is a precision liquid liner and your trusty dark autumn lip shade.

Here is a roundup of beauty trends to follow for high-end style in your high street setting.

Lining The Eyes Beauty looks from the Vera Wang, Dior, Gucci, Moschino and Ashish AW20 shows

Did we mention that overlooking the crumbly unpredictable kohl and heading straight for the sharp liquid eyeliner is your best bet to achieve geometric greatness? At NYFW, Vera Wang’s gothic eye look was exaggerated and haunting and not alone. Gucci and Moschino are examples of a wide range of designers who used liner prominently on the catwalk. Of course, in Paris Dior made it sweet and sexy focusing on the outer corners to create intensity and draw attention. Makeup artist for the show, Peter Phillips was said to have ‘emphasized the eye taking each model’s personality, style and look, as well as her eye shape, into consideration.’ Taking it back to London, Ashish took it one step further to a floating eyeliner matched with a fabulous cut crease. The use of vivid pinks and purples to match the outrageous and expressionist designs was not noted anywhere else on the runway. Joy of joys, our multi-coloured Morphe palettes still awaiting full use of its colour range shall sit dusty no more. Insta-glam has met reality and it’s time to get experimental with shapes and shades.

Subtle Neon – Can it Exist?

Beauty looks from the Self-Portrait, Vivienne Westwood, Ashish and Off-white AW20 shows

Where New York was serving coral lids at the Self Portrait show, Vivienne Westwood brought blue to Paris. Seemingly different to the evident powder shadows featured at Ashish paired with floating liners, these matte coral and blue sweeps are liquid matte shadows. Easy and efficient, turning to a liquid pen to provide a flash of colour across the lid proved to be popular at fashion weeks. With more brands newly releasing such products – Glossier Skywash sheer lid tints I’m looking at you – could we be looking at an easier and probably more affordable way of getting a high-end eye look? It is also important to note that this neon trend is not just applicable to shadow. Off-White met new boundaries with neon orange mascara. Although maybe unwearable, it does show that colour boundaries are being experimented and maybe neon is the new black.

Nails – The Ultimate Shapeshifters

Vivienne Westwood’s London presentation showed models sporting alternate nail paints in mostly primary colours. In typical Westwood style they were not elegant or subdued but daring and garish, and by no means neat. In contrast to that, Ashish’s flamboyant catwalk brought back the acrylic nail that we were so afraid was dying out and brought it back better than ever. Channelling Cardi B vibes for certain, the nails were elongated, pointed and embellished too. Either way, nails are definitely one to watch this upcoming autumn/winter season and it seems being different is the go-to. Is there such a thing as nail jewellery one wonders?

Glossy Like Glass

Beauty looks from Dolce & Gabbana and Vivienne Westwood AW20 shows

If there was one trend to tie all the designers together and to scream AW20 in unison it is glass skin. Not one hint of foundation was given, let alone a scrap of contour or bronzer. The focus was on eyes and lips and even brows were long lost and forgotten it seemed. Blush was used sparingly, although not at the Dolce and Gabbana show in Milan, where a classical rosy cheek and rouge lip was chosen. Once again Vivienne Westwood did go the extra mile with a glossy lip, though a sheer one at that. This no-makeup-makeup look might be effortless and therefore lacking effort, but one thing that is for sure is the transition into acceptance, a representation of real skin and as Dior’s Peter Phillips mentioned, dressing your face to your shape, so to speak. Surely, this can only be a good thing.