• Amy Arfi

Discontinue or Die: 6 Products We Couldn’t Live Without

An elite group of products so perfected, so timeless and so ingrained in our beauty regimes, there is no other option – not even a hint of contemplation – when we root in our makeup bags for that guaranteed staple. Some even pioneers in their product categories, these are the items we’ve squeezed dry until not one drop is left, cut up when empty for every scrap and repurchased time and time again. Quite frankly, these are the products we pray so heavily never become discontinued because nobody does it like they do. If you’re looking for cult beauty items that have changed the game then look no further.


Eyebrows were most definitely the star of the show this decade and could you think of a more apt product to pinpoint a brow revolution? Whilst an honourable mention must be given to Benefit’s Gimmie Brow for pioneering the brow gel bonanza that took the beauty world by storm, Glossier came through with something else. It’s long-lasting, simplistic, holds a great formula and has what I believe to be a decent shade range too. It accentuates each individual hair and despite obviously making you look put together, the mere action of combing through your brows definitely makes you feel better too. Brow self-care at its finest.


In 2015, The Telegraph stated that one of these ‘golden pens’ was sold every 10 seconds. Amazing. Coined to be much more than just a concealer pen which of course are much more common now than they perhaps were when this product made its breakthrough, it is an illuminating yet covering pen. A firm favourite of makeup-artists and people keen for a quick-fix, innovative utensil and product in one, that can transform dullness and dark circles. Long live this iconic product and its multiple shades.


A nude to end all nudes. Forget everything else you know and stop clutching your MAC Velvet Teddy so hard, there’s a new girl in town. Don’t believe me? Try for yourself and be amazed.


Okay so first thing’s first, it’s not cheap. Priced at £40, this cream-gel bronzer, not to be mistaken with contour, is the epitome of luxury. I believe this item finds itself somewhere between the likes of a KKW contour stick and a Benefit Hoola bronzer. It’s like powder meets liquid and forms an easy-to-apply balm that is buildable, soft and moisturising. Best applied with a brush or sponge, I find Soleil de Tan gives the skin a warm, peachy sun-kissed glow that genuinely looks believable. It’s not going to give you contoured realness, nor is it going to give you heaps of colour on first application, but with buildable control, it can be incredibly flattering and long-lasting. My only niggle? One shade. That’s it. Brilliant if you have light to medium skin tones but I can only guess it’s not going to show on medium to deep skin. Disappointing, but this product would rock if more shades were to be produced. After all, it’s one of a kind and I am yet to find anything like it. Did I mention it literally lasts forever?


Trustier than your mum’s emergency umbrella, this full-coverage foundation will seal away a multitude of sins. Whilst I have always shied away from such thick, no-going-back, high coverage foundations and concealers, this is a brand of foundation that I have heard pop up time and time again from people of all generations. I believe it is great for those with discolouration who seek a long-lasting formula. Not a fan of the flawlessly finessed look? Try Double Wear Light for a more sheer finish.


Although I don’t think the makeup sponge age can exactly be called revolutionary, seeing as makeup artists and drag artists have been using them for years, there is no doubt that the infiltration of the original beauty blender into mainstream makeup is incomparable to another beauty tool I know. Behold, the beauty blender. Perfectly round, spongey and absorbent too. Almost guaranteed to feature in all of your friend’s makeup bags, this is exactly the sort of cult product that we will see for years to come – just look at the sea of dupes out there to prove it.