• Amy Arfi

Is Personalised Beauty the Way Forward?

It’s the age-old tale; what works for you might not work for another person. We are a diverse bunch with varying skin tones and textures just trying to look our best, but it could be said when it comes to beauty trends, whether it be baking or overlining your lips, we jump on a hype like a moth to a flame. It is important however to celebrate your individuality whilst promoting inclusivity as we all know the struggle to find the right foundation colour and the perfect pigmented shadow is one known by all. We present you with bespoke beauty that is tearing up the beauty market. It’s the notion of brands more frequently creating products aimed to suit or cater for your skin/makeup/haircare needs. Perfect your beauty game by using products specialised for you.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Eye Colour Magic Luxury Palettes

Known for securing the bag when it comes to packaging eye looks in one palette enabling catwalk eyes for the everyday beauty amateur, Charlotte Tilbury has struck gold with these new quads. Now I’m not saying that selecting shadow shades that make your eyes pop is a new phenomenon, however these eyeshadow quadlets have never made it so easy. Assorted into four products for blue, green, brown and hazel eyes, what could possibly go wrong. Partnering brown eyes with shocking blues and shimmering golds, and supplying blue-eyed beauties with those peachy nudes, these shades are stunning. Great for beginners or simply those just wanting to compliment their eye colour, ensuring maximum POP!

Clinique Active Cartridge Concentrate Moisturisers

When Clinique claimed to be moisture specialists, no one was ready for this level of catered-to-skincare. Essentially, they have taken their much-loved moisturiser recipes and fitted an inner cartridge into the bottle, which can contain various ingredients catered to your skin needs. Whether your chosen ingredients that are for uneven skin texture, sallow skin, irritation, fine lines or fatigue you then can add this cartridge to a base in the form of a moisturising lotion, hydrating jelly, BB-gel or a tone-up gel. Not only does this give you the satisfaction of feeling like you’ve hand-picked your products, but also the knowledge that this is suited to your skin requirements – a win-win situation.

Function of Beauty: Hair Care Personalised

When browsing the shelves – 2 meters apart of course – for the perfect shampoo or conditioner that will help resuscitate your dry hair, that is also heat damaged, thick or needs colour protecting, it can be challenging to fit in just one box. This is where Function of Beauty’s personalised hair creations have changed the game. Simply fill out a form that is basically a personality quiz for your luscious locks, and boom, a shampoo and conditioner catered to your needs is made. You can even pick the colours, scent and name on the bottle, so there is literally nothing not to love.


If MAC were the OGs when it comes to customisable eyeshadow palettes, this brand are the newcomers going the extra mile. At Beautonomy, not only can you select your own shades from a vast range and build up that dream combination, you can also personalise the outer packaging and add your name to it too. A wonderful gift idea, but also an inexpensive way to replicate your sought-after palettes or design something that works for you.

Lancôme Le Teint Particular Custom Foundation

Making waves in the foundation range production that brands are so heavily scrutinised for, Lancôme tackled this issue head on. Quite the experience, this custom-made foundation means your skin is cleansed and prepped beforehand by one of their skin consultants, then using shade finding technology it recognises your exact tone to be made. You can then choose your skin type, coverage and finish and voila, it’s made right before your eyes. Again, being able to personalise the bottle is the cherry on top when it comes to bespoke beauty like this.